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Fun Castle Bouncer

Camelot Bouncer         


           Licensed Disney Princess

           featuring  "Princess Tiana"

                      Doll House Bouncer
Super Hero Bouncer
Extra Large Funhouse
Super Hero Bouncer
XL Fun House Bouncer

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4 n 1 Combo Wet or Dry
(Bouncer, Climb, Slide and Basketball Hoop)
"New for 2011"


Ninja Ninja
3D Image is courtesy of Ninja Jump.

5 n 1 Bouncer/Slide Combo - Wet or Dry
(Bounce, Climb, Slide, Obstacle and Basketball)

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The Ninja 5-in-1 combo bouncy house draws passers-by to stop and romp in this five-activity combo. Designed to fit any theme or event, this bouncy house can entertain children of all ages and allow them hours of healthy activity. The 5-in-1 combo style bounce house is the ultimate in inflatable jumpers! The large interior jumping area offers a basketball hoop and both log and pop-up obstacles. This bouncy castle has a climb feature and a convenient exit slide for hours of active fun! Parents and spectators are offered a clear view with the 360-degree mesh sides of this moonwalk.


Toddler Units

Toddler Combo Bouncer
Toddler Bouncer
Toddler Combo Unit
Indoor/Toddler Bouncer

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The educational Toddler Combo Unit inspires creativity and encourages youngsters social skills. The Toddler Combo Unit provides just the right amount of challenge for all players to be winners! Units are designed for spectator parents to be able to see and access their child easily. It includes a ball pond where you can purchase balls to go inside, a slide, wide area of jumping space and pop ups.




Monster Obstacle

(rock climbing, over and under logs, pop ups, climb and slide)


3 and 1 Sports Challenge
(football, soccer and basketball) 

 KICK! SHOOT! THROW! This unit has it all!
Now who doesn't like that?

Shoot for the basket, kick for the goal, or throw for a touchdown,
do it all with our 3 and 1 Sports Challenge!

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 Inflatable Movie Screen
(up to 300 guest)

Includes screen, dvd player, projector, sound and host.  The only thing you provide is the movie, electricity and guest.

For Public Events, please contact the following companies for License Fees:


Criterion Pictures - - 1-800-890-9494

Swank Motion Pictures - - 1-800-876-5577

Motion Picture Licensing Corporation (Yearly site license with members - YMCA, HOA, Camps) - - 1-800-462-8855

Dry/Wet Slides

                                                   Volcano Slide Wet or Dry

The 13 x 13 bouncers hold up to 10 children at a time. The 15 x 15 bouncers hold up to 12 children at a time.  The 15 x 20 bouncers hold up to 15 children at a time.  We clean bouncers before and after use. Eating and drinking in bouncers/slides/obstacle courses are prohibited. Children must remove shoes before they enter into the bouncer/slide/obstacle course. An outlet within a 100 feet of the bouncer/slide/obstacle course is required or you may rent a generator for additional $65. In addition, the bouncers/slides/obstacle courses will only be placed on a flat surface.

Doll House Bouncer 13 x 13 x 15 $125
Camelot Bouncer 15 x 16 x 16 $130
Licensed Disney Princess Castle Bouncer 13 x 14 x 13 $135
Superhero Bouncer 13 x 13 x 18 $125
Extra Large Fun House Bouncer 15 x 20 x 12 $175
4 n 1 Combo 19 x 16 x 15 $200 Dry or $250 Wet
Monster Obstacle 40 x 10 x 10 $250
5 n 1 Bouncer/Slide Combo 19 x 20 x 16 $225 Dry or $275 Wet
Inflatable Movie Screen 20 x 6 x 12 $350 for Backyard Parties/$400 for Public Events
Toddler Combo Unit 16 x 19 x 7 $170
Toddler Bouncer Unit 10 x 10 x 8 $100
Fun Castle Bouncer 15  x 16 x 16 $130
3 and 1 Sports Challenge 15 x 19 x 14 $225
Volcano Slide 14 x 31 x 18 $275 Wet or $225 Dry
Add 7% sales tax to the prices listed above